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X5 Bulk Flow for Loose Food Inspection

The X5 Bulk Flow is perfect for the inspection of a wide range of free flowing and loose products including cereals, grains and most other loose products. The system, which is available with multiple reject options including carriage retract and multiflap, is capable of offering excellent detection of a wide range of contaminants including all metals, bone, glass, stone and dense plastics.

The X5 Bulk Flow includes all of the standard features from the X5 range but has its own upgrades from the previous-generation model including; a quick release belt for easy cleaning, removable reject station, and a 15” touchscreen; all in a small compact footprint designed to maximize the space within the production environment.

The free flowing food X-ray inspection system is designed with the operational environment and hygiene in mind, including an IP66 ingress rating.

Loose X-ray Food Inspection: Improved Safety and Quality
The X5 Bulk Flow is the next generation in loose and free flowing food contaminant detection and can be used for a variety of applications. This includes searching for golf balls in potato products and stones in grains and cereals. 

Excellent Detection of Bone, Metals, Glass and Stone
The X5 Bulk Flow provides capability to inspect for bone, ceramic, glass and dense plastics. In addition it improves the detection levels of all metals in comparison to a pipe-line based metal detector. The 0.4mm detector array mixed with LOMA’s AAT technology provide an unrivaled detection performance in loose flowing product.

Reject options designed to minimize product wastage on rejection
The reject station can be specified as a single-flap, dual-flap, multi-flap or as a carriage retracting band, depending on the production application.

Ideal for these products

Downloads for the X5 Bulk Flow for Loose Food Inspection

X5 Bulk Flow Datasheet

X-ray inspection FAQ's

Understand more about X-ray inspection, how it compares to metal detection and what it can do for your production.


Additional Features


  • Check product integrity including counting and missing items


Material of Construction: 304 Brushed stainless steel
System Length: 2087 mm
Line Height Option: 750 | 800 | 850 | 900 | 950 | 1000 mm (+50/ - 25 adjustment)
Product Height: 60 mm (recommended max)
Product Width: Belt width dependent
X-Ray Output: 200 W (40kV 5 mA)
IP Rating: IP66
Belt Width: 500 mm
Belt Type: PU Anti-static
Speed Range: Up to 80 m/min
Supply Voltages: 85 to 265 V, single phase 50/60Hz, neutral & Earth
Operating Environment: 10 to 35°C , 2 to 10°C with automatic cabinet warm-up enabled
Cooling: Vortex
X-Ray Safety: Leakage less than 1 μSv/h
Reporting: Event, Batch, Shift, PVS
Data Retrieval: Via USB, Ethernet