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Service Programmes

Maximise uptime and have that extra peace of mind with LOMA® Service Programmes

LOMA’s service programmes are designed to help maximise uptime of inspection equipment and give peace of mind to factory managers, line supervisors and operators. Undertaking regular preventative maintenance, performance verification and calibrations help to ensure that the system is performing and complying with the appropriate retailer codes of practice.

Our programmes are supported by a team of experienced industry-trained service engineers and support staff who understand the pressures of keeping the production line running. Should the production line fail, our vastly experienced engineers understand the need to act fast and resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Our engineers are centrally scheduled by an internal team, providing customers with a single point of contact. Our scheduling team are fully trained and supported by a dedicated Technical support team, who can diagnose issues over the phone and identify any parts required prior to the visit helping to support our 95% first time fix rate, reducing any unnecessary downtime.

Why consider a service programme from LOMA?

Comply with regulations - Loma’s service programmes help customers to comply with legal, industry standards and individual requirements and help them to understand the regulations. This includes undertaking inspections such as Performance Verification or Performance Validation.

Prevent future maintenance - Regular checks on machines are available on higher level programmes and will help to increase the machine’s lifespan.

Reduce Hassle - When a problem strikes, delays of finding help, obtaining a quote, making arrangements for an engineer to visit are eliminated. Loma is just a phone call away.

- Loma’s higher level service programmes come with a guarantee on response times – meaning that an engineer can be on site quicker minimising any downtime.

Total cost of ownership
- A service programme helps managers control maintenance costs by having a predicted expense and gains economic advantage for spare parts and even labour on Loma’s top level programme.

Peace of mind
- Overall a service programme is designed to give factory managers peace of mind by knowing that Loma is only a phone call away and are there to help support.

Need support or spare parts for your inspection product?