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  • Meat, Poultry & Fish

    The Meat, Poultry and Fish sector covers a wide variety of different animal based protein products.

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  • Convenience Food | Food-to-Go

    The Convenience Food sector includes highly prepared foods such as ready to eat meals, salads, soups, wraps, pizza, pies, sushi and sandwiches.

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  • Bakery

    Bakery includes fresh, frozen and semi-baked bread, rolls and goods, croissants, cakes, pastries, doughnuts, pancakes, dough, biscuits, cookies, and crackers.

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  • Confectionery & Snack Foods

    This segment includes chocolates, candy bars, sweets, jellies, gums, hard and chew candies, through to snack foods such as chips, crisps, nuts, savory snacks, energy and granola bars.

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  • Dried Foods, Cereals & Grains

    Products that are typically inspected in dried foods, cereals & grains include: coffee, tea, nuts, dried beans, dried fruits, herbs, cereals, wheat, rice, flour, sugar, barley, quinoa and many more.

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  • Dairy and Egg Products

    Dairy and Egg Products includes any food product derived from milk or eggs, which includes milk drinks, cream, yogurt, cheese, butter, dips, sauces, fresh and frozen desserts, including ice cream.

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  • Fruit, Vegetables & Nuts
    The Fruit, Vegetable & Nut sector typically inspects raw, semi-processed or prepared fruits, vegetables and nuts.
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  • Other / General Industries

    This segment covers a wide range of applications including Pet Food, Tobacco, Beverages, Hygiene Products, Medical Devices, etc.

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  • Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical
    The Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical sector typically inspects tablets, capsules, soft gels, lozenges, and many more.
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Working with Loma

Working to improve detection for a wide range of food and pharmaceutical industries, a career with Loma challenges and develops engineering skills.

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