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  • CW3 Series Combination Operating Guide


  • IQ4 Operating Instructions
  • IQ4 Rectangular Installation and Maintenance Guide
  • IQ4 Vertical Fall Installation and Maintenance Guide
  • IQ4 Waferthin Installation and Maintenance Guide
  • IQ4 LOCK-PH Pharmaceutical Installation and Maintenance Guide
  • IQ4 Getting Started
  • IQ3 Plus Operating Guide
  • IQ3 Plus Pipeline Operating Guide
  • IQ3 Dual Line Operating Guide
  • INSIGHT Metal Detectors - Operating Guide
  • INSIGHT Head and Conveyor - Installation Guide
  • INSIGHT Pharmaceutical - Installation Guide
  • INSIGHT Vertical Fall - Installation Guide
  • INSIGHT Waferthin - Installation Guide
  • Met30 Plus Operating Guide


  • CW3 Range Operating Guides
  • CW3s Operating Addendum


  • X5C Operating Instructions
  • X5 Spacesaver Operating Guide
  • X5 Pack Operating Guide
  • X5 XL800 Operating Guide
  • X4 Range Operating Guide

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LOMA have a team of technical support staff on hand locally to help via the telephone or email.  Emergency breakdown visits can also be arranged.

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