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TRACS: Data Reporting and Analysis Software

TRACS (Trending-Reporting-Analysis-Capture-Software) is a graphical reporting software tool, which runs over a network and captures data from connected machines for analysis and reporting from a remote computer. Developed in partnership with AutoCoding Systems, TRACS displays live and historical batch data for all production runs and is designed to work with LOMA’s Metal Detectors, Checkweighing, X-ray Inspection and Combination Systems.

Due to demand for improved reporting functionality for some customers, Loma Systems partnered with AutoCoding Systems to come up with a solution that all customers would benefit from. Through this partnership, TRACS was born to provide a better user experience with more modern tools. Some features include real-time data reporting, details on individual pack weights and batch data as well as improved analysis on larger amounts of data.

TRACS displays live and historical batch data for all production runs:

  • Batch summary details
  • Trend analysis of key measurements, such as giveaway or metal count
  • Live, up to the minute information
  • Available anywhere, anytime

TRACS enables enhanced reporting
Without TRACS, reporting is restricted to historical information that is stored locally on each machine. These reports must then be exported via the available USB port in .TXT file format. While there is useful information in these reports, analysis of the data is limited and time-consuming. What’s more, the lack of accessible, real-time data, means there could be an issue that goes unnoticed during production.

How does TRACS work?
TRACS displays real-time data for each individual machine that is connected to the network and provides batch summary details and trend analysis of key measurements such as product giveaway or metal count. Additionally, users can see the current machine status, whether it is on- or offline, what product is currently being run as well as individual pack data. TRACS also saves historical and live data for all machines, which can be easily accessed through a secure network link with a web browser. In addition to being available in English and German languages, TRACS also has the capability to switch from Metric to Imperial measurements depending on the user’s preferences.

Why use TRACS?
The TRACS software is deployed on a local network server and can be accessed through a URL from any computer system with network access wherever the person might be. Live data is displayed which allows users to quickly identify any issues that may arise, such as an increase in rejects, and address it immediately. TRACS also helps users comply to regulations, improve productivity, minimize paperwork and reduce manufacturing costs.

TRACS has the capability to provide batch compliance data for each different machine type, whether it is a Checkweigher, Metal Detector or X-ray inspection system. This data can be exported for inclusion to Compliance Report to simplify your audit process. For example, users can download individual pack weights and accept/reject status based on machine, product or timestamp. Additionally, users can view proof of the Performance Validation (PVS) tests on their LOMA Metal Detector.

Improve Productivity
The real-time reporting capability of TRACS allows users to view current trends in their production throughput and highlight efficiency opportunities such as speed loss or any start-up issues. Additionally, TRACS allows users to analyze different trends between shifts to better understand and control processes from one shift to the next to ensure consistency in production.

Minimize Paperwork
Not only can users easily download batch results to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF, TRACS creates the opportunity to go paperless by eliminating the paper recordings of these results. Having batch results in a digital format allows for quick, instant recall of historic information for analysis. All results are in a consistent format, easy to read, secure and easily searchable through selective queries. Users will have the information they need right at their fingertips in record time. If hard paper copies are needed, these reports can also be printed out for circulation.

Reduced Manufacturing Costs
TRACS reduces the amount of paperwork employees must fill out to remain compliant as well as increases the availability of information due to real-time reporting. This allows for continuous improvement on the line as all data, such as live trending of average weight and product giveaway, is accurate and up to the minute. Management can be more proactive and increase consumer safety while reducing overall manufacturing costs related to product giveaway or contaminated product.

Ideal for these products

Downloads for the TRACS: Data Reporting and Analysis Software

TRACS Datasheet

Additional Features

  • Support for CW3, CW3 Combo, IQ3+, IQ4, X4 and X5 X-Ray systems
  • Printable batch reports (including PDF) for audit compliance
  • CSV Data export of batch data and individual pack weights
  • Support for Imperial units
  • New user interface with graphical analysis tools and reports, and access to instant machine status


Browser Requirement: Windows IE10 or later, Firefox or Google Chrome (preferred)
Network IP Address Assignment: LOMA machines require a fixed IP address (Not DCHP)
Database Storage Technology: MongoDB
Machine Types Supported: IQ3+, IQ4, CW3, CW3 Combo, X4 X-Ray, X5 X-Ray
Units of Measurement Supported: Metric, Imperial
Reporting and Data Export Features: PDF Batch Report, CSV Data Export (Batch Data, Individual Pack Weights)
Installation Requirements: Remote access to server required by Autocoding
Software Language: English, German, French