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Customer Training Courses

Understanding the basics and knowing your equipment is essential to getting the most out of a production run.

The LOMA® Training Academy is designed with your everyday needs in mind and goes a long way towards improving your performance and increasing productivity. Working in a deadline critical environment also makes it hard to keep up with the ever-changing industry rules and regulations, which is why our courses are constantly updated to reflect the changes and save you time.

LOMA's Instructors

LOMA instructors are not just teachers, they are all experienced LOMA Product Experts who understand the pressures of keeping the production line running as well as maintaining up time. They will bring this valuable knowledge and experience to your training program.

With their vast amount of experience our engineers help to add a real-world element to the courses and tackle issues that you may experience on a weekly basis, even if it is just a setup issue.

What to Expect When Completing a Course with The LOMA Training Academy

• All training is delivered by highly experienced LOMA Product Experts
• We offer flexibility on time and location to suit business requirements
• Comprehensive course material provided
• All trainees receive a Certificate of Completion for your training records
Understanding the Training Structure

From our understanding of customers requirements, our training courses are designed to address the needs of different departments within the production process. The LOMA Academy is structured in four key areas: Use, Comply, Maintain and Optimize.

Depending on your requirements as an Operator, Supervisor, Quality Assurance or Maintenance personnel, you will find a course tailored to your role. Our courses cover both new and legacy machines, and offer a combination of hands on and classroom based training.


Who should attend: This course is designed for those that frequently interact with the machines or operate them on a day-to-day basis. Typical attendees are Operators and New Maintenance Technicians. Management, Supervisors and Production Managers are also encouraged to attend.

Why attend this course: By completing this course you gain basic operation and familiarity of the equipment, including how to configure and set up new products, learn new products as well as high level equipment and food inspection theory.

Who should attend: This course is designed specifically for individuals responsible for ensuring proper food safety compliance. Attendees typically are QA personnel, Maintenance personnel, Managers and Supervisors.

Why attend this course: By completing this course you will learn everything in the Basic Operator Course along with high level operator training. Additionally, you will learn how to troubleshoot complex product learning tasks, different tips and strategies on what may affect your detection performance, and receive recommendations on how to develop validation test plans for your equipment.

Who should attend: This course is designed for individuals responsible for the efficient and accurate running of your production equipment. This course is essential for Engineering staff such as Maintenance Managers and personnel.

Why attend this course: By completing this course you will learn all Use and Comply course details plus gain a full understanding of machine parameters, including advanced functionality and how to optimize the machines performance. You will then go on to understand the machines mechanical and electrical elements, including how to troubleshoot and repair common faults.

Who should attend: These are custom workshop style courses and can be designed as required to support your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Why attend this course: Completing one of our custom training courses will give you a more in depth understanding of a chosen subject matter, including the opportunity to ask specific questions about your actual situations. Our experienced instructors and support staff will have the knowledge and experience to help resolve all issues you face. Examples of some Custom Training include:

  • Radiation Safety Training for LOMA X-ray Systems
  • Product Application Specific Training

To find out more about Loma's range of training courses download our brochure.



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