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Welcome to Loma News 

We will be bringing you all the hot topics from the global food industry, all in light hearted, fun and yet informative way.  This is an opportunity for all to share and learn key challenges we meet in the food industry, and together we can connect and discuss solutions. Do not hesitate to convey a subject you would like to read or discuss.

Ten Things to Consider When Selecting a Metal Detector

12 Aug 2020

When selecting a metal detector, you want to make the right choice for your business and maximise the return on the investment.

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Weighing products with Loma's X5 X-weigh feature

15 Jul 2020

The X-Weigh feature on an X5 Series X-ray allows the weight of a product to be calculated based on the image of the product being scanned.

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Understanding FDA compliance in Pharmaceutical Applications

10 Jun 2020

Loma takes a look at the FDA's 21CFR Part 11 compliance guideline to see what it means and how it is increasingly relevant to Pharmaceutical production.
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Better detection of contaminants in bulk and loose flowing product

4 Jun 2020

The ideal location to inspect for contaminants within your food production line depends on numerous factors including; what foreign contaminants you are looking to detect, where the highest risk of contamination might occur and the application. Here we look at bulk and free flowing applications.

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Keeping you Inspecting and Operational

15 May 2020

With the added pressure of Covid-19, many manufacturing businesses have had to re-prioritise their procedures and practices. With these challenges, it is as critical as ever before to not neglect your inspection equipment. 

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Understanding inspection in Convenience Food applications

18 Mar 2020

Within the food industry, Convenience Food, ‘Ready to Eat’, or ‘Food To Go’ are some of the fastest growing sectors worldwide. With consumers living increasingly busy lifestyles, the demand for fast, fresh and healthy food is ever growing.  Also, food tastes are changing, due to world travel and the growing popularity in experiencing different cooking styles.  
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Gravity-fed Systems Detecting Down to 0.8mm Diameter Stainless Steel

2 Mar 2020

Choosing the right inspection system for your application is key to achieve not only the best sensitivities but also ensure the ultimate protection for your process.   At LOMA, our engineers understand and have designed the IQ4 Metal Detection Series to successfully check for metal contaminants in the most diverse of product formats.  

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Understanding IP Ratings for Food Inspection Equipment

22 Jan 2020

All LOMA inspection systems are designed with IP ratings in mind, to ensure the right protection for your production environment.  This guide helps ensure you know what IP ratings are and the protection each offer.

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