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Understanding the inspection challenges with protein applications

Protein applications range from raw to prepared products and also vary in size, packaging, temperatures and format.  Loma have spent the last 50 years developing solutions to help solve these challenges making sure product inspection within the Meat, Poultry and Fish applications meet the expectations of the user.

Wide variety in sources of contamination

  • Failed processing machinery (i.e. bolts, screws, washers)
  • Blade fragments from grinders, mincers, mixers, etc. damaged during processing
  • Needles from enhancing products
  • Bone fragments
  • Materials introduced  (i.e. chub


Products can be tough to
inspect and difficult to handle

  • Wet products can be challenging
    for metal detection due to signal effect
  • High salt or high iron content 
  • Wet and slimy - difficult to handle
  • Variation in shape, size and




Packaging types present their
own challenges

  • Metal and foreign body detection
    in a variety of packaging types
  • Foil trays and metallized packaging present challenges for metal detection





Hygiene and robustness
are critical

  • Equipment needs to be tough enough to withstand repeated
    harsh washdown and wet cleaning, including CIP and SIP where applicable
  • Hygienic design for optimal
    cleaning, removal of food debris
    and prevention of parasites and bacterial harbor - particularly to prevent cross contamination of
    good product


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