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Inspection across the production process

The choice of where in the production process to put inspection equipment into the factory both depends on risk and the established Food Safety management procedures. Further processing adds cost and eliminating a problem closer to the beginning of the production process helps to reduce product wastage in the event contaminated product is found.

In-Line food processing


In-Line Processing

  • Arrival of raw materials after slaughtering, particularly if primary processing occurs at a different facility
  • At the introduction of raw ingredients into the production process
  • After cutting, trimming, mincing or grinding to protect other down-line processing equipment (i.e. formers, portioners, fillers, linkers, clippers) from damage caused by metal shards
  • For early detection of contaminated product to minimize wastage prior to packaging (i.e. after deboning)
  • In process weighing to verify correct portioning and reduce giveaway prior to packaging
End-of-Line food processing


End-of-Line Processing

  • Metal checks at the end of the line prior to boxing/shipping
  • Verify correct product weight to meet regulations and local legislation as well as monitor giveaway
  • When the integrity of product packaging needs to be checked
  • Check product integrity and to identify product defects or missing items
  • Final contaminant and foreign body checks to ensure product meets quality standards


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