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Processing: Pumped Products

LOMA’s IQ4 Metal Detector and X5 X-ray Pipeline systems are designed to be some of the most compact and hard-wearing systems to fit into the harshest of protein environments. All of our pipeline systems are designed to IP69K and can be put in-line with a range of fillers from manufacturers such as Handtmann, VEMAG or Risco.

Reject valve aides maximum uptime
Pipeline systems can be installed with or without a reject station depending on the application. If a contaminant is detected without using a reject, the line will need to be stopped and the line cleaned to remove any potential contaminant. Using an integrated reject will increase uptime and reduce product wastage and all the systems are designed to be cleaned in place (CIP).

ARU Piston reject valve

ARU Piston reject valve used for inspecting meat slurries on a metal detector

ARL Rotary reject valve

ARL Rotary reject valve used for inspecting whole muscle meat on the X5 Pipeline

ARI piston reject valve

ARI Piston reject valve combined with a linker drive for integration with Handtmann vacuum fillers

Intelligent pipe design reduces smearing
LOMA’s Pipeline systems are intelligently designed to minimize the mechanical interaction of the inspection system on the product during the filling process. Using the shortest pipe lengths possible and avoiding mechanical pipe designs which induce friction, Loma’s Pipeline systems help to reduce product smearing and maximise product quality.


View the Range of Pipeline Systems

IQ4 Pipeline Metal Detector

The IQ4 Pipeline is a robust metal detector system designed for use with pumped and flowing products such as meat slurries.

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X5 Pipeline X-ray Inspection

The X5 Pipeline is perfect for inspection of pumped protein applications where there is the possibility of metal, bone, ceramic or glass contaminants. 

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Why use an X-ray Pipeline in combination with a vacuum filler?

Improved detection of metal
An X-ray system can detect smaller metal fragments compared to conventional pipeline metal detectors.

Detect bone and other physical hazards
Help improve quality by removing these unwanted contaminants which may still exist after secondary processing.

Protect other processing equipment
Identify and remove contamination prior to stuffing, portioning or further processing.

Reduce cost through less wastage
Bad product is rejected early in the production process helping to reduce cost.