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Cook Inov is a French family company that specialises in the design and manufacture of canned gourmet, organic and dietetic culinary products for food brands in the sectors of baby food, health/diet/sport/nutrition foods and culinary dishes. Founded in 1997, the company works closely with its customers to develop recipes and design tailor-made products in a wide choice of packaging (pouches, glass jars, plastic bowl and tray, etc). Cook Inov is totally committed to providing innovation and quality, with several certifications and baby food standards, guaranteeing their products meet rigorous food safety standards.

Challenges for Cook Inov

Cook Inov was using an ageing LOMA checkweigher that was approaching its end of life. With their commitment to innovation, quality and safety, Cook Inov was starting to experience production downtimes as the machine was no longer suited to the requirements of a busy and humid operating environment. Additionally their current machine was unable to withstand being frequently cleaned with high-pressure washdowns. 

The Opportunity

Operating in an environment with harsh washdown needs, Cook Inov required a machine that could deliver a reliable production flow with no downtime, thereby increasing OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). The company realised they needed an IP69 rated system that they could easily clean by withstanding a harsher cleaning regime and which was suitable for a humid environment. The system also needed to have a lockable reject bin for non conforming products to stop double handling, plus removable top panels to provide visible access to the belt without compromising safety. Having selected LOMA for their service excellence, Cook Inov asked the company to provide a weighing solution that met their exacting requirements.

Cook Inov-Popte CW3 Run-Wet Checkweigher - Cook Inov

The Solution

Loma recommended their CW3 RUN-WET® Checkweigher system, especially designed to withstand harsh, high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning regimes. Tested to IP69 ingress standards, the CW3 RUN-WET® Checkweigher offers a host of new features and smart design details, which include an easy to clean frame and reduced contaminant traps for optimum high-care cleaning with no risk of water ingress. The system requires no drying time following cleaning, enabling immediate start functionality that greatly improves OEE. Along with easier and more effective cleaning, the system’s Automatic Mean Weight Correct safeguards compliance to weight legislation. The automatic reject option includes air blast with a lockable bin, thereby ensuring non conforming products are removed appropriately to maintain compliance and minimize downtime. Plus, removable top panels provide easy access to clean and inspect the conveyor belt without compromising safety.

 “As an innovative company, we needed a checkweigher solution that matched our innovative ethos, replacing our no longer fit for purpose system. Knowing Loma’s machine quality and reliability, as well as superior service, we approached them for a replacement machine that could meet our needs.

“Our new RUN-WET machine is a real step-change. Not only have we found our production efficiency has increased markedly since the machine’s installation, but it is also easy to use and very reliable"

“Overall, our experience with LOMA has been entirely positive and we look forward to further dealings with them in the future.”

Maintenance Manager
Cook Inov

Cook Inov’s Experience of the CW3 RUN-WET® Checkweigher

Design Benefits:

  • Tested to IP69 ingress standards for high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning.
  • No nooks and narrow spaces, so can easily and quickly deep clean, minimising bacterial harbouring as no debris accumulation points.
  • Incorporates removable covers with optional light safety curtain, enabling product visibility without interruption. Also facilitates easy cleaning and removal of the belt.
  • Lockable reject bin for non-conforming products.
  • For operators the user interface is both easy to use and reliable.

Production Benefits:

  • Product flow improved post installation of their new checkweigher, with non-conformity products being directed to the locked bin as per the requirement.
  • OEE has also increased due to easy cleaning and with no drying time, the machine is ready to use following wash down.
  • Reliability and LOMA service excellence.

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