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Test pieces and keeping you safe

11 Nov 2020

As part of your inspection system's safety, regular testing is important to verify the metal detector or X-ray is correctly detecting. Quality test pieces are crucial to check the machine is finding the contaminant sizes it is expected to find, so compliance and set standards are achieved.


What’s a test piece and how’s it used?
Test pieces contain a contaminant sample of stainless steel, ferrous, non-ferrous, soda lime, glass, or ceramic, and are available in various sizes and formats to suit your needs. A test piece is typically attached or placed with the product to create a test pack that mimics a contaminant, and when passed through the machine it should detect the contaminant and reject the product. To ensure a test is never missed, all our Loma Inspection Systems regularly prompt the operator to complete a PVS (Performance Validation System) test and failure to complete the test will stop the line.

Why testing is important?
Whilst installation of a Loma system involves thorough testing, regular testing must continue to validate your metal detector or X-ray is correctly detecting. This is important to protect your business from potential recalls, safety issues and consumer dissatisfaction. PVS tests help ensure ISO9000, HACCP and Retailers Code of Practice compliance, plus standards set by the pharmaceutical industry are met. Not only do the tests check for compliance, but also capture data to prove the machine is working properly for any future safety and quality audits.

Why choose Loma test pieces?
All our Loma test pieces are made from the highest quality food grade materials for accuracy and longevity, plus designed to meet retailers code of practice. Reassuringly, all our test pieces are calibrated and supplied with certificates, with the certification numbers on every test piece for full traceability. For ease of identification the pieces are colour-coded and especially designed to work with Loma Metal Detectors and X-rays. 

Quick Tips
You must ensure tests packs are proven to be free from metal and any other contaminants. Also, do not use ‘stale’ test packs, but make fresh test packs at a frequency reflecting the nature, durability and shelf life of the product concerned.

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