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The Perfect Dessert

LOMA SYSTEMS® works with Culi d’Or, Europe’s premiere patisserie and dessert company, to serve up the perfect dessert according to BRC standards.

Culi d’Or, a major player in the patisserie and dessert market in Europe with four specialised manufacturing sites in the Netherlands, has a reputation for producing a diverse and innovative range of
products. Culi d’Or is part of the Brinkers Group, whose production plants all have BRC Highest Level certification. Brinkers also has a strong approach to research and development and an on-going
commitment to quality management.

To uphold the very highest quality control standards, at their site in Velp, Holland, Culi d’Or needed an inspection solution for their line of baked desserts. The ideal solution came from LOMA SYSTEM, who previously had successfully installed a number of other inspection machines on the Velp site.

LOMA® specified their latest x-ray machine, the X4, to inspect Culi d’Or’s line of baked desserts that are produced in aluminium foil. The X4 incorporates high-speed technology that maximises sensitivity to both metal and non-metallic contaminants such as stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, stone, calcified bone, high-density plastics and rubber. As well as being able to inspect for a wide range of contaminants, the X4 has the ability to detect other product defects such as component count, zone mass measurement and shape conformity.

For Culi d’Or’s baked desserts, an x-ray machine was the best solution, due to its capacity to detect non-metallic materials and its ability to work with products and packaging materials that metal detectors find difficult, such as foil or metalised film packaging.

Hans Jaspers Fayer, Production Manager at Culi d’Or, Velp, commented, “We have had a good experience working with LOMA SYSTEMS over a number of years and we knew that we could rely on them to offer us the best solution and the best service.” He continues, “The X4 x-ray inspection system meets all of our requirements: not only is it reliable in inspecting for contaminants, but also it is excellent in checking the shape of the product and has a very good reject system. The X4's checkweighing function is also an added benefit for us.”

X-ray systems are becoming increasingly popular as the top choice of inspection system due to their ability to reliably and efficiently perform the multiple functions of separate ‘traditional’ inspection
systems simultaneously.

The X4 incorporates reject systems that can provide separate reject signals for each type of non-conformity so that contaminated and improperly packaged products can be kept separate. In addition, the X4 has advanced image processing and simple set-up routines. As with all LOMA’s inspection equipment, the X4 is designed to survive even the harshest of manufacturing environments and is built to last.

Hans Jaspers Fayer continues, “The machine is easy to operate and we have received excellent before and after-sales service from LOMA. I would not hesitate to recommend both LOMA and their customer service to other food manufactures."

LOMA SYSTEMS’ X4 x-ray inspection system is robust, reliable, hygienic and simple to use. It offers customers a sophisticated, easy-to-operate and multi-functional inspection system. As with all of LOMA’s products, customers benefit from LOMA’s high level of before and after sales service and receive a tailor made solution to their x-ray inspection requirements.