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Welcome to Loma News 

We will be bringing you all the hot topics from the global food industry, all in light hearted, fun and yet informative way.  This is an opportunity for all to share and learn key challenges we meet in the food industry, and together we can connect and discuss solutions. Do not hesitate to convey a subject you would like to read or discuss.

Are you making food safety your number one new years resolution

21 Feb 2018

With the new year breaking, what is the main focus within your food production environment?

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LOMA expands online ordering facility for Test Pieces to the US

1 Feb 2018

After a successful launch in the UK, Loma Systems –  a leading manufacturer of X-ray inspection equipment, advanced metal detectors, and checkweighers for the global food and pharmaceutical industry – has launched a user-friendly online ordering facility for test pieces to its United States customers. 

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Retail Therapy from LOMA

3 Jan 2018

The trend towards online shopping is something business cant ignore, including manufactures of equipment for packaging and processing industries.
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The Good, the bad and the ugly of food manufacturing

15 Dec 2017

Effective product protection is critical to all sectors of the food industry, ensuring safety and quality.
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Tis the season to choose a combination inspection system

7 Dec 2017

Everyone is looking forward to the festive party season, but it can be a stressful time for the host!

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See how ITW helps to shatter the glass ceiling

21 Nov 2017

Loma staff visit a one-day "personal development" event in Birmingham, UK

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Loma holds global service management conference

12 Nov 2017

The three-day event helps reinforce common vision for delivering unrivaled service levels on a global basis.

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LOMA SYSTEMS helps food manufacturers stay on "TRACS" with new version of Data Reporting Software

4 Oct 2017

TRACS Version 2 supports Loma’s full range of inspection equipment, offers better functionality with CSV export facility and improves user experience In response to feedback from food processors, manufacturers and packers.

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