Test Pieces - Overview

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Regular perfomance testing of Metal Detection and X-ray inspection equipment is an essential part of a quality management system. Confirming the accurate performance of your systems, both prior to and during production runs is the only sure way to ensure your line is compliant and operating to specification.

Compliance Requirements

HACCP and GMP compliance requires that inspection equipment is installed at critical control points and is routinely QA tested with the results documented.

Loma Test Samples

Test samples are constructed from a fully calibrated precision ground ball encased in plastic. You can be sure that by using a fully calibrated Loma Test Sample you will be demonstrating your commitment to quality and due diligence:

  • Colour coding system for simple visual verification
  • Calibrated and certified test sticks
  • Certification number detailed on every piece

Loma Test Sticks

Consistent Standards

Regular and consistant testing is an essential part of a product quality management system including ISO 9000, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Loma Systems offer a wide range of individual test sticks and kits to simplify this process.

Loma test sticks undertake strict quality control procedures to ensure that its manufacturing and assembly processes provide the correct size bearing and description on each test stick supplied.

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