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Full Production Capabilities

IQ2 upgrade



The Food Processing Awards winning IQ+ technology upgrades your existing single or dual line IQ2, IQ3 or Sentry metal detector search head with a full-color, graphical touch screen control panel. Immediately realize the features of the IQ+ upgrade without replacing your entire system.

Loma Systems’ IQ+ upgrade is engineered for quick set-up and the Automatic Product Learn feature ensures optimal detection performance in just seconds without manual adjustment. Changes in product that necessitate a frequency change no longer cause an expense or inconvenience.

Icon-driven menus promote operator flexibility with a simple touch. The context sensitive help screen ensures compliance with standards for testing and validation. Analyze the performance of your system right from the dashboard. With condition monitoring you can identify issues before they occur and establish contingency plans to avoid costly unscheduled downtime, all without interrupting production.

A built-in performance validation countdown timer provides guidance for quality assurance. Receive messages when testing and validation is due, always ensuring you meet both internal and external industry regulations. With the IQ+ upgrade you can collect and store date via a USB port. Data capture supports informed decision-making, utilize our standard reports or custom build your own to suit your needs.

After-market Service [PDF]