X5 XL 800 X-Ray Inspection System

X5 XL 800 X-Ray Inspection System

X5 SpaceSaver X-Ray inspection

Robust system designed for in-line inspection of boxed or crated Products

Designed to be integrated into the production process at either the beginning to protect equipment or at the end to protect consumers, the X5 XL 800 is perfect for products such as meat in Euro crates or cheese in bulk boxes.

Offering good detection levels on a wide range of contaminants including all metal, bone, glass, dense plastics.

The reliable heavy duty conveyor components, built for 24/7 operation with pass key protective Set-up comes intergrated with a Windows (WES) Industrial grade PC with Modem, Ethernet and front access USB port.

Working to a Code of Practice (COP)? – All Loma Machines can be spec’d to the latest COP’s of your choice from M&S to Sainsbury’s. Learn more about the codes of practices and what it means for your business.

The X5 XL 800 is the perfect solution for the inspection of the following product types:

  • Meat in Euro Crates
  • Large blocks of Cheese
  • Bulk Tins
  • Large Boxes of Confectionary
  • Bulk Boxes of Powders

Key Features

X5 XL Euro Crates

Large Products, Euro Crates and Bulk Bags of 25kg up to 100kg

Designed to handle sealed large bulk products prior ro processing or distribution. Ideal for products such as crates

X5 Colour TouchScreen

Easy to Use Intuitive Full Colour Touchscreen

The X5 Pack includes an Icon driven full colour touchscreen control interface including multi-level password access and data logged events for traceability (designed to comply with CFR21 Part 11 requirements).

Intralox Belt

Intralox Belt for Easy Wash Down and Cleaning

Intralox belt makes cleaning easy for machines in High-Care environments.

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