Loma System Products

Inspection equipment used to identify contaminants and product defects

Metal Detection and X-Ray Inspection Systems are used for the detection of product contaminants within the Food, Pharmaceutical and Packaging industries. Loma’s equipment is created with the ethos “Designed to Survive” making them one of the most robust and reliable machines on the market.

Loma’s Metal Detectors include many features designed to aid uptime and productivity, including revolutionary variable frequency technology allowing detection levels to be optimised around a wide range of differing product conditions.

Our X-Ray Inspection Technology is designed for detection of bone, glass and dense plastics as well having the ability to detect all metal contaminants within foil trays or metallised packaging.

As well as product inspection our range of CW3 Checkweighing systems provides in-line dynamic Checkweighing capabilities in a compact package. They are designed to help reduce product give-away and save you money and are all MID/R51 approved.

Loma's Range of Products Systems