Metal Detectors

Metal Detector Systems

What is Metal Detection?

Metal Detectors are a commonly used detection method for metal contaminants within factories. A Metal Detector will check for product contaminants whilst in motion, rejecting any products that contain contamination. Our Metal Detectos feature ingress ratings of up to IP69K, meaning they are suitable for both high-care and low-care environments.


Loma’s range of Metal Detectors are easy to use with intuitive full colour touchscreens and icon-driven menus as well as offering fast inspection and product set up, automatically optimising the systems for each product type allowing you to learn and switch within minutes. Our machines are made for products ranging from small ready meals through to blocks of cheese, soups, sauces and pharmaceutical pills and tablets.

Working to a Code of Practice (COP)? – All Loma Machines can be specified to the latest COP’s of your choice from M&S to Sainsbury’s. Learn more about the codes of practices and what it means for your business.

Loma's Range of Metal Detector Systems Systems