Insight Vertical Fall Metal Detection System

Insight Vertical Fall Metal Detection System

Insight Vertical Fall Metal Detection System

Gravity feed system for inspecting powders or granules

The Insight Vertical Fall is supplied complete with a frame, Tivar anti-static throughput tube and choice of either a sealed valve or cowbell reject device.

The system also provides best in class calibrated detection levels of 0.6mmFE, 0.7mmNFE, 0.8mm St/St.

The Insight Vertical Fall has four password protected security levels, Operator, Supervisior, Engineering and Administration.

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The Insight Vertical Fall is the perfect solution for the inspection of the following product types:

  • Coffee Beans
  • Powders
  • Granules

Key Features

Simple Product Set-up

Auto Learn Provides Simple and Fast Set-up

The Insight PH will automatically set-up and store 200 different pre-sets, calibrating for product effect and loose material as the product passes through the system.

DDS Vector Display

DDS Vector Display Delivers Perfect Product Set-Ups

The Direct Digital Signal (DDS) Vector display provides a graphic representation of the metal detector process, aids perfect product set-up and is an excellent diagnostic tool.

Best in Class Detection

Best in Class Detection Levels for Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Metals

The Insight VF offers excellent detection levels of up to 0.6FE, 0.7NFE, 0.8StSt.

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