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Loma eNet

Ethernet Reports Capture System for the Loma range of products

Loma eNet is a PC-based software package that allows you to print reports from a Loma metal detection, checkweighing and x-ray systems. The user-friendly interface provides simple, fast and consistent reports, reducing the time required for monitoring. View reports that are easy for operators, maintenance providers and line supervisors to analyze and understand. It is a legacy product that is available to support existing installations of Loma equipment. For the latest product for data reporting and analysis, please see TRACS.

With real-time and historical data provided quickly and efficiently as well as up to 40 systems accessible from one location, your quality control team can rest assured that your critical control points are under their full control.

Being able to access multiple systems via a secure connection reduces human error associated with manual paper records and data entry. Clear and comprehensive production data is recorded and easily accessible via your network. It also improves security and accountability on the production line.

Loma eNet is a legacy product that provides a simple report function for connected machines. Loma eNet - Datasheet

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