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Combination Systems - Metal Detection & Checkweigher

Metal Detector & Checkweigher Systems

IQ3 & CW3 combo

Standard System - Cost effective combination machines for the food & packaging industry

The Loma IQ3 and IQ3+ range of metal detectors and the CW3 series of checkweighers are combined into a single, cost effective, space-saving unit - the Loma CW3 Combo. All models feature an intuitive full-color graphical touch screen display for easy set up while heavy-duty conveyors ensure trouble-free operational life.

Providing superior and reliable product inspection in a compact and space saving design, the CW3 Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detector is the most technically superior combination unit on the market. The compact and fully accredited system saves valuable line space eliminating the expense of a separate conveyor for the metal detector. The checkweigher measures product weights quickly and precisely - rejecting "out of tolerance" products, while the metal detector consistently detects and rejects contaminated products.

Metal Detector & Checkweigher Systems

IQ3 & CW3 compact

Compact Systems - excellent product inspection with reduced footprint

With up to 30% smaller footprint than similar systems these machines are ideal for food processors, manufacturers and packers with limited production space.

This versatile combo is capable of weighing a wide range of flexible and rigid packs up to 3kg and is available in line heights from 700mm to 1200mm and total system lengths from 1610mm to 2110mm and is capable of inspecting up to 60 packs per minute.

Standard Combination System - Datasheet
Compact Combination System - Datasheet