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What Our Clients Say

The training all went well and turned out to be well timed as we have discovered a potential issue with misuse of the metal detectors in production. So Clive was able to explain the system and we were able to eliminate the problem. He’s a very knowledgeable guy, and passionate about what he does, which was really nice to see and reassuring to us as trainees. We all felt we learned a lot from the training both about metal detection in general and our specific units.

Jenna Gallagher, QA Technician, Mars Drinks

Would like to say how pleased we were with the install and the manner we were introduced to to the Loma product. In a word excellent.

Specialist Pet Food Manufacturer

We have three systems on site, great technology and very reliable.

Brett Beveridge, Engineering Project Manager at Tamar Foods (Samworth Brothers)

We run a two-shift process that starts at 7:30am and runs continuously until 1.00am, so reliability is paramount for us. The Loma has been a robust, dependable workhorse. Regardless of what product and packaging challenges arise in the future, we are confident that, with Loma’s unstinting support and knowledge of our business, we will be able to guarantee the safety, integrity and quality of our products

Richard Gubbins, Factory Manager at Tendercut Meats, Southampton

Loma’s machines have proved to be totally reliable and very user-friendly

David Leverage, Labelling Manager at Edinburgh Salmon Company

The build quality of Loma’s machines is second to none; they are very easy to clean, robust and reliable. But what I really like about Loma is that they design machines that are bespoke to our exact needs and their readiness to support us when business requirements change is always very responsive

David Mabb, Operations Director at Jardox

It is a pleasure to see that good after sales service still exists, and personally gives me added confidence in Loma Systems as a provider of our metal detection and check weighing systems.

Joe Kime, Technical Engineer, Pura Foods Limited, UK

This is great customer service, thank you for your assistance as usual.

Ainhoa Astobieta , Technical Manager, Fresh Olive, London, UK

Excellent response and knowledgeable support staff. The Loma Service Engineer was really helpful and our issue was resolved, with a helpful email to follow up.

Michael Wheeler, Bakery Director, The Handmade Cake Company, Maidenhead, UK

We were looking for the most cost effective solution to our inspection needs and we believe Loma Systems has provided that.

Andy Hearne, Production Manager, Fiddes Payne, Banbury, UK

The X4 X-ray is spot on! I’m really pleased with how well it performs.

Shane Legge, Senior Plant Manager, Askew & Barrett, Wisbech, UK

Loma had the competitive edge when it came to technical specification and expertise during the supplier evaluation. They were able to offer an unbeatable price and a complimentary support service. By partnering with Loma Systems we now have the piece of mind that the equipment is able to withstand our product levels.

Operations Director, Thanet Earth, Kent, UK

We are delighted we chose Loma Systems to assist in our production. They have met all our contaminant detection requirements and have helped us reach improved levels of customer satisfaction. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Loma Systems.

Kris Francoys, Director, De Keyser, Knesselare, Belgium

The IQ3 has exceeded our expectation, it is really easy to use and has given us total peace of mind that our products are free from any metal contaminants. We are really pleased with our Loma IQ3 metal detector and we would recommend this machine to other food processors.

Nasim Frazer, Production Manager, Persis Ltd, London

Thank you for providing an engineer at such short notice. As a result of your attendance we managed to get the line running to schedule and we converted the checkweigher reject system to air blast with components we had on site! All in all, you assisted our business in bringing our seventh line, on line. I, along with our business were very happy with the response and going forward we will use you for all servicing requirements.

Steve Norris, Maintenance Manager, Alresford Salads/Bakkavor, Alresford, UK

We have always used Loma in the past and found their machines to be very reliable and our new Loma X4 X-ray system is no exception. The Loma X4 is easy to use and it’s simple to recall and set up new products.

Steven Davies, Production Manager, Central Food Services, Walsall, UK

Loma's machine is easy to operate, and we have received an excellent before and after-sales service. I would not hesitate to recommend both Loma and their customer service to other manufacturers.

Hans Jaspers Fayer, Production Manager, Culi d’Or, Velp, Netherlands

Loma is one of the leading companies in this area – they have an excellent reputation and a strong local technical sales and service presence.

Peter Schmidt, Works Manager, Bäckerei Brinker GmbH, Herne, Germany

Overall Loma offers a really good, thorough, professional and efficient service. We are so confident with Loma Systems, we have already recommended them to other food manufactures.

Roy Buchanan, Production Manager, Alatoni Ltd, Bicester, UK

We are very happy with the Loma X4. The production machine has run faultlessly from day one and is easy to clean and has proved itself completely.

John Bruins, Managing Director, J.B. Groothandel, Vlees, Netherlands

I was very impressed with Loma Systems, as the machine was custom-built and delivered before time and on budget.

Gary Dark, Production Engineer, Paramount 21 Ltd, Heathfield, UK

The fact we keep ordering them shows that we are very pleased with our previous experiences and we are keen to continue using Loma machines as part of our production and quality control operations.

Dave Black, Engineering Manager, Witwood Food Products, Banbury, UK

The IQ3 is the best metal detector in the world, by far... and I've used them all!

Mike Bethel, Contract Packager, RytWay Industries, Minnesota, US

As a business owner, I fully understand that it's the people in a company that make the company a success. When I have had contact with Loma, everyone has been very professional and helpful. This speaks volumes about the type of company Loma is. Overall, I have been very pleased with both metal detectors from Loma and have spoken favorably about Loma to other business associates.

Production Manager, Sauce Manufacturing Company, Washington, US

We wanted flexible systems that could cope with our constantly changing lines, as we inspect approximately 35 unique fresh and frozen pastry products. Metal detectors that are simple to set-up and can minimize downtime were essential to our decision. After testing, the Loma IQ3 metal detector was the best choice.

Michael Lerman, Supervisor, Del's Pastry, Ontario, CAN

We evaluated the technologies and capabilities of several companies and selected Lock because of the overall value of the solution. The Lock Insight metal detection systems are highly sensitive to contaminants, the OPTIX DDS vector diagram was included as part of the package and the attention our sales rep provided was second to none.

Scott Cornelius, Production Supervisor, The George J. Howe Company, Pennsylvania, US

I've been working with Loma Systems throughout my career and their metal detection technology is always the most reliable and user friendly. With a Loma metal detector on each line, we can count on providing a quality product to our retailers while minimizing costly waste.

Paul Garcia, Quality Assurance Manager, International Cheese Company, Ontario, CAN

The DDS vector diagram on the Insight product line is a critical control because it provides a window into what is happening during the product inspection process. Combined with the performance validation system, audible alarm and the ability to stop any one of our processing lines for single reject analysis, we fully comply with regulatory and product traceability requirements.

Jacob Rawleigh, Quality Assurance Manager, Once Again Nut Butter, New York, US

By bringing the IQ3 and Insight technologies together, not only did we form a complete solution, we also created additional confidence in our inspection environment. And the fact that there is no divide between sales, service and support is a definite bonus.

Lee Marquez, Plant Manager, Castle Importing, California, US

Since integrating our Loma X4 PipeLine x-ray inspection systems, we have been able to share our results and best practices with our suppliers and help them improve their processes as well. As a result, the quality of raw product we receive has significantly improved.

Brian Edmonds, Vice President, St. Clair Foods, Tennessee, US

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