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Case Studies

Customer Say

case study 01

Tendercut Meats

Richard Gubbins, Factory Manager at Tendercut Meats

We run a two-shift process that starts at 7:30am and runs continuously until 1.00am, so reliability is paramount for us. The Loma has been a robust, dependable workhorse. Regardless of what product and packaging challenges arise in the future, we are confident that, with Loma’s unstinting support and knowledge of our business, we will be able to guarantee the safety, integrity and quality of our products

case study 02


David Mabb, Operations Director at Jardox

The build quality of Loma’s machines is second to none; they are very easy to clean, robust and reliable. But what I really like about Loma is that they design machines that are bespoke to our exact needs and their readiness to support us when business requirements change is always very responsive

case study 03

Thanet Earth

Operations Director, Thanet Earth, Kent, UK

Loma had the competitive edge when it came to technical specification and expertise during the supplier evaluation. They were able to offer an unbeatable price and a complimentary support service. By partnering with Loma Systems we now have the piece of mind that the equipment is able to withstand our product levels.