Online Store for Test Pieces

If you are in the USA, you can try our new online store for test pieces. This allows you to select the required test pucks, ordering online and pay by credit card.

Test Pieces

Performance testing of metal detection and x-ray inspection systems is an essential part of quality management and ensures your line is compliant. ISO 9000, HACCP and GMP compliance requires that systems are installed at critical control points and are routinely QA tested with the results documented.


Test pieces are a precision ground ball encased in plastic. Using a fully-calibrated Loma test piece demonstrates your commitment to due diligence:

  • Color coding system for visual verification
  • Calibrated and certified test sticks
  • Certification number on every test piece

Loma Systems offer a wide range of individual test sticks and test kits to simplify your process.


To download an order form and complete list of test pieces click here.

*Please note there is a minimum order of six (6) test pieces.