X-ray Inspection - Combo X-ray & Checkweighing

An X-Ray Combination system enables the x-ray system to weigh the product while simultaneously inspecting for foreign body contaminants in one compact and easy to use format. The combination of the two technologies ensures that food manufacturers’ produce is safe and products are consistent in weight, size and shape.

Our X-ray Combo operation is through operator user interfaces, which are designed to enable product set up in seconds. Not only is the system simple and quick to configure, but it is also highly accurate, with accuracies comparable to traditional checkweighers.

Unlike traditional checkweighers, the X-ray is unaffected by pack rate, speed, vibration, air turbulence, pack orientation or stability and requires little maintenance. Loma equipment is designed to survive even the harshest of manufacturing environments and the X-weigh is no exception, incorporating a heavy duty conveyor design.


X-ray Inspection - Datasheets