X5c Compact X-Ray Inspection System

Compact system designed for end of line Packaged Products

Loma Systems X5c X-Ray Inspection System

Designed with retail-packed convenience food in mind the X5c is the smallest X-Ray system available, with a machine length of 1000mm and offers first-class CCP protection in the smallest footprint possible.


Offering good detection levels on a wide range of contaminants including all metal, bone, glass, dense plastics, foil trays or even metalized film.


The Colour touchscreen control interface including multi-level password access and data logged events for traceability (Designed to comply with CFR21 Part 11 requirements)

New X-Ray Users Detection of Foil Trays Fast setup Inspection

The X5c is the perfect solution for the inspection of the following product types:

  • Ready meals in foil or plastic trays
  • Processed and un-processed meats incl. sausages, joints, ham with/without bone, etc
  • Cakes, sweets/candy and other snack foods such as crisps/chips, chocolate bars, biscuits
  • Sushi, fish, tinned fish, seafood on foil boards
  • Prepared fruit and vegetablesM
  • Ready to eat convenience foods

  • Highlights:

    • Retail compliant options to suit M&S, Tesco, J Sainsbury's, Morrison’s, Waitrose, Wal-Mart, Costco and BRC v7
    • Can be combined with Loma's CW3 checkweigher to provide a combo system
    • Compact design, space required typically less than a conventional Metal detector (1800mmm including auto-rejection, 1000mm without)
    • Manufactured with Loma's "Designed to Survive" philosophy
    • Entirely lead-free construction
    • 300 mm wide inspection window with no product blind spots
    • Contaminant detection as well as product integrity including counting and missing items
    • Typical packing rates of 150 packs per minute
    • Product weights up to 6kg
    • Rejection options include air blast, pusher, carriage retract, diverter, sweep arm and signal only for 3rd party rejection systems


    • Finish: Brushed 304 Stainless Steel
    • System Length: 1000mm (Machine Only) 1800mm (With optional auto-reject)
    • Line Height Options: 750-1000mm (+/- 50 adjustment)
    • Product Height: 110mm (Recommended Max)
    • Product Width: 280mm (Recommended Max)
    • Product Length: 280mm (Recommended Max)
    • X-Ray Output: 80W (40 KV 2mA)
    • IP Rating: IP66
    • Belt Width: 300mm
    • Belt Type: PU Anti-Static
    • Weight on Belt: Up to 6kg
    • Speed Range: 10 - 50m/min
    • Power Requirmements: 220-230 V, 50Hz or 110-120V, 60Hz, Single Phase Mains
    • Operating Environment: 2 to 10 OC with cabinet warm up,10 to 35 OC with Vortex
    • Cooling: Vortex
    • X-Ray Safety: Leakeage less than 1 µSv/h
    • Machine Weight: 160kg
    • Detection Algorithms: 2 x Contaminant, 3 x Object checking, 2 x Image optimisation
    • Reporting: Event, Batch and Shift
    • Data Retrieval: Via USB

    X-Ray Inspection - Datasheets