Metal Detector Conveyors

Our unified conveyor systems are designed to be the most robust and reliable systems on the market today. Our systems includes a continuous and non-porous welded 304L stainless steel frame. We have eliminated all flat surfaces, so our systems are easy to clean and will remain hygienic. Our frames are made with solid steel, so there is no hollow tubing. We've incorporated an end-drive unit, so there are no more sprockets or chains. Our systems meet OSHA, ANSI, CSA and AMI specifications.


All of our conveyor systems are UL and CUL approved – the first and only systems on the market to attain this approval.

metal detection metal detection metal detection

Fast, Efficient Rejection

An essential part of any conveyor system is an efficient reject mechanism and we have a wide variety to suit the needs of your inspection process:

  • Stop on Detect Reject - The conveyor system stops if metal is detected and an alarm sounds, enabling the
    operator to remove the contaminated product
  • Air-Blast Reject - Contaminated products are ejected by a concentrated burst of compressed air
  • Pusher Reject - Pneumatically powered pushers divert contaminated product out of the production flow
  • Retracting Band Reject - A section of the conveyor automatically retracts allowing the contaminated product
    to fall into a reject bin

We also offer lockable reject bins to ensure that rejected product cannot be returned to the production flow. Failsafe reject confirm, line block and bin full sensors add to your security and assist in meeting your compliance standards.

Our conveyor systems also offer:

  • Food-grade modular belting
  • Performance Validation System (PVS) and audible alarm
  • Heavy-duty lockable wheel and swivel casters
  • Harsh environment conveyor systems
  • Variable speeds
  • Product guides
  • Product registration photo eye

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Metal Detector Conveyors - Datasheet