Heavy Weight Products

The CW3 12000H Heavy Weight checkweigher is ideal for in-motion weighing of large, heavy boxes, cases, bags and sacks. Advanced loadcell technology delivers the most accurate weighing performance up to 12000g (12kg), withstanding the impact of heavy packages in daily use.

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The Loma CW3 60000SH Super-Heavy Weight checkweigher offers superior accuracy and is especially designed for bag or case weighing up to 60000g (60kg). It can easily be integrated into high-speed lines with belt speeds up to 54m/min.

Both models have been engineered for reliability; frame is built with 304L stainless steel. A UL-508A enclosed industrial control panel is standard for added durability in the harshest of environments. Allen Bradley controls ensure you meet your plant integration protocols. The CW3 12000H and 60000SH range features a 500 product memory for rapid product changes. High field strength and a low center of gravity control unit eliminates external interference, vibration and delivers the ultimate in noise-free detection.